hvac - high voltage  methode

How to produce colloidal gold and platin with the hvac high voltage under water arc methode:

Gold, platin and other electrodes avaiable in the shop.
I sell only low voltage device to produce colloidal gold, platin, silver and others.

In the video below the colloidal gold is made with a 10'000 volt, 75mAmp neon light transformator, without distop (arc protection).
That means, it is quite dangereous and not vor anybody, but for hobby researcher with some knowledge with current. A short touch is painfull, but normally not deadly, I hade about 3-4 short touches allready and it's mor painfull to touch a 220volt source with the full amperes. A longer touch of 3 seconds and longer could be dangereous for hart flattering which can lead to dead.
The closer the electrodes, the better, the finer the arc, about 0.1 to 0.3mm distance is ideal, but they may not touch one another, of course, that would stopp the production.
In 15-30 minutes one produces at least a 20ppm in one liter distilled water.
It is distilled water and 99.99% gold elektrodes, without any other additiv.
The normal color is slightly blackish - indigo - purple, sometimes violet, pink ruby red.
The more saturation, the more particles fall in short time useless on the ground. Imo about 5-50ppm is a ideal solutions, that means production time in one liter of about 10-40 minutes.
It is usefull to stirr up the batch from time to time to distribute the solved gold in the entire glass. If the batch becomes very hot before end of production, make a break to cool down the solution.
A strong tyndall effect is visible from about 3 minutes (stirred solution) and means of at least 1-2ppm allready.
These are only estimations of ppm, coming from several years of expierience and weighting the electrodes before and after use.
1 ppm means 1mg/per liter (1000g) . So ppm is not does not count the parts, but measures the weight.
So the ppm number does not tell you someting about the size of the parts.
The hvac methode produces estimated parts below 500nm, most parts probably below 100nm.
The hvac under water arc methode produces more neutral parts than ionic particel compared to the low voltage electrolysis methode.
The hvac methode produces simultaneously gold colloids by vaporization and by electrolysis, while low voltage devices produce only by electrolysis.